Tuesday, 1-15-07

Hey yes I know my blog is boring , i dont have new pictures and i dont know. I am sorry but I actually dont have time to do all this stuff and so i am just writing, hoping that somebody reads this stuff.

I am okay right now. Nothing special at the moment , besides: I have to study a lot. I dropped Chemistry, Spanish 1 and artr and took instead 3 new classes. Physics, Speech and Spanish 2. And I can tell you, its a LOT of work.The firt time its a little bit challenging for me . I kind a like that but its also hard w/ Swimming a.s.o. I am still sad about Ayje, she died because a stupid freakin' driver (woman) dropped her cell phone, reached after it and of course crashed her car into Ayje. A lot of people wrote me they would like to kill this woman but it doesnt make it better. For no one. But anyway...I have a lot to do , so aorry if I dont answer e-mails so fast or stuff like that. just 44 days till hawaii...i cant wait.

I hope you guys are all okay....would love to hear from you soetimes..maybe a mail,..

Hugs from Anna

17.1.07 00:34

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