Sunday, December 17, 2006


Today was a really study day. I feel like I studied the whole time. Because we have finals week next week I had to study for 5 subjects and make one final project for U.S. History! Stupid Boston Tea Party.Anyway I had a calm and qiet week-end.  But the best news are that Nebraska is National Champion in Volleyball from Women. So UNL played against Stanford San Francisco and we won ...jeah.I was on the Semifinal on Thursday, what we of course won...It was awesome. 17,000 people in one stadium...but inside. Thats probably how many people are on a VFL Heimspiel haha. But then thats outside and not really loud. Anyway this was the best experience ever. I bought a pink shirt which Womens national championship on it so that I always remember that. Yesterday morning I baked chocolate chips chookies....really good and so easy to make. Amis...FAST food....=) And then I went to Sarahs house , who maybe wants to go to my house for one year..maybe, where her brother ( Freshman in college) and a bunch of his friends were. Really fun but those friends were weird.

So I am really fine...this week is just Finals. That means no school...just 1 hour final a day and thuesday 2. So I'm home at 10 o'clock. =)

Hugs from Anna

18.12.06 02:27

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Henne (26.12.06 17:55)
happy christas honey =)

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