So know the week end is over and it seems like i really did nothing. okay i was at a swim meet the whole saturady , afterwards and Godfathers and Sports Denn zone and than at dairy Queen......Today I was just really sick. it awful. I always get sick when we have swim meets. but it was awesome there. boys made first, we girls 2nd. that was pretty good...and the guys became a nice Trophy. So know I am sick, that means no swimming and no meet on tuesday. it sucks ...but what should i do. Anyway I really made I ginger-bread house today. It looks kind of scary and weired but we have a lot of cany and candy danes on there so thats okay. Jennifer was so excited ......she couldnt help herself. funny..!today i skipped church (juhu),..instead I baked. we bake here the whole time and I am getting nervous that i ll get fat from all those good cookies and candy types. this week will be normal...nothing special. it is the last week school..bec the last week we just have are we just have to be there for one oder two hours a day. i hope i forgot nothing....i will write soon.....hugs , Anna

@henne: when do u put my pics on here? please do it...i am so excited!

11.12.06 03:27

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Henne (12.12.06 20:46)
First pictures are online... next will follow =)
I'm elected to be the speaker for all of the 11th class =) I'm so excited... with andreas noack... do you remeber him?
i miss you honey...

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