hello again!

here is a new day of Anna s American Life!

I m doing pretty good. Algebra test was just 95% but thst OKAY! I talked a lot to our Quaterback today...he is hot =) We talked about his relatives in Germany and so on. in Theology than the Highlight. They said America is the world Nation (*thats true) and the would bomb germany with one bomb and we were gone. I was like...what the heck are you telling me. And I go: hey but yoiu have much more nations that are against than for you. And they were quiet. But still they think they are the best nation ever and so on and so on. Not very smart some people. But I have real fun here at the moment. we do a lot of things at the moment. Today I heard that I am going to learn piano.....jipiie....my mom talked to a piano teacher. I always wanted to do that. And I talked to Miss ka was...i cant remember her name...so that I can take the ACT Test....for college or university!! than I can study here. AWESOME ;-)

So and now I am going to the store, buying 2 pounds honey for my gingerbread house. I am so excited. A bunch of people will come over on Friday to make it with me.

Friends in germany: You are the best!!! Thank you for everything!

Kisses and Hugs from ANNA

6.12.06 22:48

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sabrina (7.12.06 23:51)
sad how some people think, right?
i am glad i never met anyone like that.
well if america is so great, why are they cowards and leave iraq now? stupid!
and what anna experienced was not patriotism , THAT was nationalism (huge difference!!)

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