Wednesday, 29th

U know what? I am here since exactly 3 MONTHS. Thats a loooonng time. And everything in my life changed.

Today Bo came to me (he is a weired guy in our school). he was just standing there when Miss Storek ( US History Teacher) came and said to me : Oh Anna I love your coat. it is from Herbergers isnt it. I was like yes. (she works there) She goes: I wanted to bouy this coat , too. And Bo was like: uhh they have something in common.....bith HOT. Andd she goes: Bo I heard that!!

--> It was sooooo funny! But Bo wants to go out with me since I am on this school....kind of ennoying.


thats THE story of the day/./././././././././././.


 And I have a mirror in my locker and a board where people can leave me a note...and every day I have so many nice things on there....I love it!!


Kiss, Anna

30.11.06 01:32

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