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I didnt know that there are miracles in this world and that they really happen. Today we went out for Lunch to Whiskey Creek and we didnt expected that at all. We wete sitting there, Brandon, Emma, mein Mom and her boyfriend Jeff. So he told us that they are gonna be together and that they want to live together. That mean he will probably live at our house. That is amazing. I could not believe that. We kids were just...yeah thats great. But when brandon, emma and me were sitting in the car we were just starting to laugh and really to talk about it. Its funny, before there was just Emma, Brandon and jennifer and now there also ANNA and JEFF. that was a great day today. So now I will do my laundry and that meet a good friend. And hopefully also study....maybe <3


26.11.06 21:13



this week-end ist Thanksgiving here! Thats a big deal. Everybody just freaks out. We were out at Grandmas house in Valentine. Thats really in the middle of nowhere. BUt i really like it. We found a Western store....and its just sooo cool. I found a few really cool things. I really want boots...but they are so expensive here. So we spend Wednesday to Saturday (tomorrow) here and it was really fun. I met a lot of girls and we played games , went was so much fun. Saturday and Sunday I dont know what I am doing. Probably going out with some friends and watching the new JAMES BOND. juhu. Sunday study....

 So thats all for today...I will write soon.

Lots of Love, Anna

25.11.06 00:53


Good morning!


Now I am sitting here, dressed-up , waiting to go to church. I know thats boring...but I have to. So I will go. My week was fantastic. I swimmed every day at 5;30 in the morning for about 2 hours. its hard..i can tell you. I think Henne should know that. you just move your whole body and thats really hard. But anyway..I love it. Saturday (yesterday) we had also practise. from 8-10 o clock am.....and we swimmed like 4km. I was sooo tired after that. But I am happy that I got it and so everything is pretty nice. Friday night was awesome. 2 other exchange students from germany were at my house. we cooked a german meal....tomatoes and mozarella....wiener schnitezel and potatoes and then swiss rice with hot cherrys. (swiss rice= milchreis) Saturday was practise and then in the night a bunch of people came over. we were like 20 people and had a small party. it was so much fun. today we just go to church, eat lunch, I call my parents and relax!! I have to go to bed early, if not, I am dead monday at practise.

I have a great live here , sometimes I really miss home....but I am looking forward to see you all in a few months!

 Lots of Love from ANNA

19.11.06 16:06

My days in America=)

Friday, 11|10|06 My day was so boring today. it started with a headache and a bad throat. I was lying in my bed, deciding not to go to school. And I was right, ..we went to the doctor and I have an infection in my ear and throat. BAD. becuase I wanna go to a birthday party tomorrow. I hope its working. I am taking antibiotic stuff so that I can swim on Monday! Yeah thats a important part in my life. Swimming. and i love it. Practise is every day at 5:30 the morning before school. I am so excited. Okay so I have to go, brother is watching hunting stuff////so fun haha.....and the others are at a speech thing. I am sick and at home... Lots of love from America (and everybody who wants me to write an e-mail: Anna. Big hug, your American Girl
11.11.06 00:57

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