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OKay this page is kind of stupid and eveybody, people that I dont know , write stuff in the guest book. So I am not gonna use this page .... I can send you pictures over kodak, like I did before, this works good and I can send you e-mails if you wanna know something about my year here. But I am not gonna use this page any longer.....just look into the guest book. Thats stupid!!!!!
30.1.07 19:31

Tuesday, 1-15-07

Hey yes I know my blog is boring , i dont have new pictures and i dont know. I am sorry but I actually dont have time to do all this stuff and so i am just writing, hoping that somebody reads this stuff.

I am okay right now. Nothing special at the moment , besides: I have to study a lot. I dropped Chemistry, Spanish 1 and artr and took instead 3 new classes. Physics, Speech and Spanish 2. And I can tell you, its a LOT of work.The firt time its a little bit challenging for me . I kind a like that but its also hard w/ Swimming a.s.o. I am still sad about Ayje, she died because a stupid freakin' driver (woman) dropped her cell phone, reached after it and of course crashed her car into Ayje. A lot of people wrote me they would like to kill this woman but it doesnt make it better. For no one. But anyway...I have a lot to do , so aorry if I dont answer e-mails so fast or stuff like that. just 44 days till hawaii...i cant wait.

I hope you guys are all okay....would love to hear from you soetimes..maybe a mail,..

Hugs from Anna

17.1.07 00:34

fucking car accidents

I cant believe what happened here.

Ayje died in a car accident.

I am so sad.....

8.1.07 20:19


I think it is time to write a new entry. i am so happy. we were one week in colorado skiing and it was just great., we were 5 families and a lot of kids in my age. we all skiied really good. it was just awesome. we had sun and snow the whole week and a lot of fun on new years eve. I cant believe that its half time now. 24 weeks ...and i am home.

i dont know what else to write...i wish u all a happy new year and cant wait to see u all in 24 weeks even though its awesome here. in 2 days is my first HOME swim meet and i cant wait. =)

hugs from ANNA =)

if somebody wants pictures of my ski trip write me a mail...

3.1.07 00:54

Sunday, December 17, 2006


Today was a really study day. I feel like I studied the whole time. Because we have finals week next week I had to study for 5 subjects and make one final project for U.S. History! Stupid Boston Tea Party.Anyway I had a calm and qiet week-end.  But the best news are that Nebraska is National Champion in Volleyball from Women. So UNL played against Stanford San Francisco and we won ...jeah.I was on the Semifinal on Thursday, what we of course won...It was awesome. 17,000 people in one stadium...but inside. Thats probably how many people are on a VFL Heimspiel haha. But then thats outside and not really loud. Anyway this was the best experience ever. I bought a pink shirt which Womens national championship on it so that I always remember that. Yesterday morning I baked chocolate chips chookies....really good and so easy to make. Amis...FAST food....=) And then I went to Sarahs house , who maybe wants to go to my house for one year..maybe, where her brother ( Freshman in college) and a bunch of his friends were. Really fun but those friends were weird.

So I am really fine...this week is just Finals. That means no school...just 1 hour final a day and thuesday 2. So I'm home at 10 o'clock. =)

Hugs from Anna

18.12.06 02:27

Okay just something short because i am in school right now and i am normally not allowed to use the school computers for this kind of dtuff.

@henne: you are so awesome...i hope ou find time to put in more pictures. do you need HTML for that? i mean to put the pictures in there. See, i have no clue how to do that. maybe you can explain it to me sometime in an e-mail or something like this!/

 I am fine, school is okay. school today started at 10 o clock because it was so icy that we couldnt drive at 8 o clock in the morning. it was so awesome. i could sleep till 9 a.m.  and because of that all class periods were just 35 minutes. isnt that awesome. maybe there is an advantage to be here in nebraska ;-)


Write you later, Anna

12.12.06 21:11

So know the week end is over and it seems like i really did nothing. okay i was at a swim meet the whole saturady , afterwards and Godfathers and Sports Denn zone and than at dairy Queen......Today I was just really sick. it awful. I always get sick when we have swim meets. but it was awesome there. boys made first, we girls 2nd. that was pretty good...and the guys became a nice Trophy. So know I am sick, that means no swimming and no meet on tuesday. it sucks ...but what should i do. Anyway I really made I ginger-bread house today. It looks kind of scary and weired but we have a lot of cany and candy danes on there so thats okay. Jennifer was so excited ......she couldnt help herself. funny..!today i skipped church (juhu),..instead I baked. we bake here the whole time and I am getting nervous that i ll get fat from all those good cookies and candy types. this week will be normal...nothing special. it is the last week school..bec the last week we just have are we just have to be there for one oder two hours a day. i hope i forgot nothing....i will write soon.....hugs , Anna

@henne: when do u put my pics on here? please do it...i am so excited!

11.12.06 03:27

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